What is the ‘Baltic Sea Anomaly’?

Swedish explorer Peter Linburgh and his company 'Ocean X' found a strange object in 300ft of water in 2011 while searching for ship wrecks. The object known as the 'Baltic Sea anomaly' is a 200ft across, disk shaped object embedded into the mud and silt. It appears to be quite ancient, some have speculated it... Continue Reading →


One of the strangest, most mysterious books ever written

In 1912, a polish book dealer named Wilfrid Voynich purchased 30 books from a private library known as "Collegio Romano", that was selling books to raise money. The language that the book is written in is completely unknown. But the book is very much written in the European style of the time. It is just... Continue Reading →

Unexplained Archaeology

In the summer of 1889 near the sleepy little village of Nampa, Idaho, a well was being drilled to supply water for the town. The drill cut through top soil, then a thick layer of lava, then multiple layers of clay and sand...and then, at nearly 320 feet below the surface, the drill brought up... Continue Reading →

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