Bohemian Grove: for power or pleasure?

Every mid summer since June 29th, 1878, there has been a summer camp style outting held in the redwood forests of northern California. Not unusual in its own right, no doubt. But dig a bit deeper and you will see that this is no ordinary summer camp. With members of the likes of Henry Kissinger,... Continue Reading →


Who or what was The Pied Piper?

In 1660, the cathedral in Hamelin, Germany burned. It took with it the first know account of a story that has been passed down for hundreds of years. The church was built in 1300 and had a large stained glass mosaic depicting a man dressed in colorful clothing, playing a long pipe and following behind... Continue Reading →

Sound and visual patterns

All through nature, we have reoccurring patterns and numbers. From prime numbers to the golden ratio. These interconnected patterns fall all around us in nature, architecture, design, religion, music, mathematics, science, etc. In this video you will see that even sound waves form patterns similar to snowflakes or structures of gas in a super nova's... Continue Reading →

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