Niburu, Nemesis and planet X…

Some say that NASA, astronomers, the U.S. government and many other power yielding entities are in a large, widespread conspiracy to deny the general public knowledge of an event that is going to cause the destruction of our planet. There is a theory that a large, unknown object that orbits our sun with an elliptical... Continue Reading →


Are chemtrails falsely creating global warming?

It is an all too common sight in our skies. Walk out on any clear day and look up and it is almost a guaranteed you will see the criss-crossed streaks across an otherwise beautiful sky. "High by-pass" jet engines are the official story. But is there more to it? Is there really a giant... Continue Reading →

Impact structure found under ice in Antarctica

Looking back over Earths history, extinction events have happened several times. But there is one event that stands heads and shoulders above the rest. The Permian - Triassic extinction of 252 million years ago. It is known as "the great dying"┬áto some scientists, with good reason. Nearly 96% of all marine life went extinct, along... Continue Reading →

Sound and visual patterns

All through nature, we have reoccurring patterns and numbers. From prime numbers to the golden ratio. These interconnected patterns fall all around us in nature, architecture, design, religion, music, mathematics, science, etc. In this video you will see that even sound waves form patterns similar to snowflakes or structures of gas in a super nova's... Continue Reading →

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