What is the ‘Baltic Sea Anomaly’?

Swedish explorer Peter Linburgh and his company ‘Ocean X’ found a strange object in 300ft of water in 2011 while searching for ship wrecks. The object known as the ‘Baltic Sea anomaly’ is a 200ft across, disk shaped object embedded into the mud and silt. It appears to be quite ancient, some have speculated it to be around 140,000 years in age. Stefan Hogerborn, a veteran diver with Ocean X, claims that anytime you get anything electronic near the object, it malfunctions. The object is apparently made of metals and a sample of it was given to geologist Steve Weiner to test and he concluded it was constructed of “Metals which nature could not reproduce itself”.


So, the question remains what exactly the object even is. Some think it’s an ancient UFO crash. Other say it’s a WWII Nazi, anti-submarine craft. Then there is a theory that it’s an in-side down battleship turret. No one knows for sure. Furthering the mystery, behind the object there is a long skid mark on the sea bottom that’s hundreds of meters in length. Which makes it look even more like it may have crashed into and then skidded along the bottom before coming to rest on top of a large mound of sediment built up under its nose.


The team at Ocean X has actually gotten some decently clear and detailed sonar images back from the anomaly, I’ll include those below, but what could this strange, millennium falcon-esque object 300 ft beneath the frigid Baltic Sea actually be?


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