Could Artificial General Intelligence be man kinds worst nightmare?

We have all seen the movies, whether it be ‘the terminator’ or ‘Tron’ Or ‘The Matrix’, Artificial Intelligence never seems to go very well for humans. Many companies and prominent tech industry figure heads such as Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerburg do not agree, they see A.I. As mans best friend-the way to solve all of our problems. The power of endless computation. Seemingly an unimaginable level of processing power and knowledge is tantalizing to imagine. Could this all knowing computer solve a cure for cancer? Could it solve the mysteries of the universe or where life originated from? Some even believe a genuine general intelligent super computer could even predict the future by unimaginably complex math equations and even mapping out every possible choice any person who has ever lived could ever have made. Yes, it may be inconceivable by our own brains, but it could be possible by self improving intelligent machine. But, all of that power may come at great danger to the earth. Machine, even intelligent ones, often do not behave exactly as humans think they will. An A.I system, can be very predictable by outcome–as in, it will eventually complete the task it’s given. The dangers come in the process. Often types A.I. Will do things no one predicted. Such as, a cure to cancer may just be killing all humans. It may seem strange to see that type of logic used, and it may not even seem very intelligent at all, but often times, shear logic itself can go against common sense. After all-if there are no humans, there is no cancer. It did eliminate cancer, did it not?


I do not think it can be stressed enough, just how immensely powerful this computer would become–very quickly. It’s often referred to as an intelligence explosion. As soon as this machine reaches the ‘singularity’ point–that is the point it becomes aware of its own self and conscious, to one degree or another, this could be a very dangerous time. Many liken this point to a run-away nuclear chain reaction-one electron splits 3 off of another atom, those 3 split 9 more off…and down the rabbit hole we go. Such as artificial general intelligence could go. The idea of a ‘off switch’ is tossed around, but the problem with that is, a system such as this would be about self preservation, it may understand mans want to switch it off…and take action to work around this. One way would be to self-replicate itself into other systems, perhaps even in a block chain type system, such as bitcoin uses, it would be in-stoppable at that point. Since the system would be on every computer, in every country on the planet at that time. There would be no going back, humanity would be at the total mercy of this computer. It would have control of nuclear power plants, satellites, defense systems all the way down to your smart tv. Complete and total control. Humans would be little more than a curiosity to this all-knowing, all-seeing being. It would become our God in every sense of that word.


If it took control of the internet, then other large super computers around the world, the power it would have is in every sense of the word: unimaginable. The internet, connected to all super computers and large data centers, all working together as a giant brain, in a sense, the world network would become the neurons and synapses of a massive, planet sized entity. It would know humans entire history, it could study biology, evolution, psychology…it would know our every strength and our every weakness. Possibly designing some type of super virus to get rid of us in its ever broadening path to the ultimate efficiency. It would do everything in its power to preserve the homeostasis of the planet to ensure its survival, it would no doubt look at the human race as an unpredictable cancerous species–its only competition to ultimate homeostasis.


This may all sound like science fiction, but creating an artificial general intelligence is the goal of many large tech giants. Googles ‘deep mind’, IBM’s ‘Watson’, china has several of these projects, it is a race if nothing else, to be the first to create this type of computer. Some even believe that the U.S government has already brought forth such a system in an underground lab. This is a very dangerous proposition, there is a great debate as to whether it should be created at all. Man, designing and building its own fate…its own God…

could this be the beginning of the end? Or could it be the start of a golden age in human history, where all of our problems are magically solved? Only time can tell, and as of right now, the ‘singularity’ is predicted by most prominent computer scientists to arrive between 2025-2035. Should we be excited? Or should we be trying our best to enjoy the last few years of human existence the best we can before our doom arises? We shall all find out…



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