The kecksburg, PA UFO mystery.

On the evening of December, 9th, 1965, a loud sonic boom cracked out across the sky above Detroit. A seismograph 25 miles southwest of Detroit had recorded the shockwaves created by the fireball as it passed through the atmosphere. The federal aviation administration recieved 23 reports from aircraft pilots, the first around 4:44PM. The booms shuttered windows across Ohio and lit the sky up above Kecksburg, Pennsylvania before landing in a small patch of forest outside of town. There was a young boy outside playing and saw the object crash land in the trees near his home, he told his mother and she called the fire dept whe she saw a few of the trees on fire at the crash site. Other people in the town reported feeling a strange vibration before hearing a muted ‘thump’ as the object struck the ground.


The kecksburg volunteer fire dept were the first people on the scene, which quickly drew a crowd. All of the eye witnesses’ stories reported seeing an acorn shaped object, about the size of a Volkswagen beetle. It had plowed a trench in the ground where it had struck the earth. It was bronze in color and had strange markings around the outside of it.

The U.S. governments official story was that this was a meteorite. It was relatively accepted as an answer until 1990 when one of the volunteer fireman that was first on the scene came forward to ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ about what he saw. James Romansky’s statement was that he had seen the object up close. He reported that after receiving the call and on the way to the scene, he expected to see a plane crashed. But when he arrived, he only saw a bronze or gold colored bell shaped object laying in a shallow trench. Approximately 12ft X 15ft in size with a raised “blunt” end that had some strange markings on it. Unsolved Mysteries did a show about the crash, and even recreated a model of the object after asking other eye witnesses for sketches.


After the show aired, other witnesses came forward to tell their stories of what they witnessed that night. One of them was a USAF officer whom was stationed at Lockbourne AFB near Columbus, Ohio. In the early morning hours of December 10th, a truck arrived by the little used back gate of the base and he was ordered to guard the truck. It was a large flatbed truck with a tarp strung over the back which was covering a conical shaped object. He was given clearance to shoot anyone that tried to tamper with the truck. He was briefed that the truck was bound for Wright Pattern AFB. Another witness that stepped forward, was a building contractor who was asked two days later to take a load of 6,500 special bricks to a hangar inside Wright Patterson AFB. When he sneaked a look inside the hangar he saw a bell shaped device some 12 feet tall sitting there. Several men wearing white anti-radiation style suits were inspecting the object. After he had been escorted out he was told he had just seen an object that would become common knowledge in 20 years.

So what struck the earth in western Pennsylvania in December of 1965? Was it a crashed UFO? Was it a secret experimental aircraft? If it were a meteorite, why did the Army come to retrieve it so quickly? Some have speculated that this was the Soviet Cosmos 96 space probe which was bound for Venus. It went off course while being launched 13 hours before the Kecksburg object crashed, but the probe never left the Earths atmosphere. It was confirmed to have crashed in northern Canada.


Others have speculated that this may have actually been an early version of an ICBM missle, a GE MK-6 RV which was being tested or even possibly shot down and the nose cone re-entered earths atmosphere and crashed near kecksburg. It could have even been a live warhead, which would have certainly commanded the type of military response and media cover up that took place.


Whatever landed in the rural farm lands outside of Kecksburg that night in 1965, it certainly has sparked many questions. Whether it was a UFO or some form of U.S. or Soviet weapons test, it has kept mystery hunters and conspiracy theorists busy for years now. Its not likely to fade anytime soon. The human mind loves a good mystery and the Kecksburg object gives us just that.


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