Did the Nazi’s succeed in building an anti-gravity device?

In January 1942, German SS scientists began a secret weapons program codenamed “Tor”, meaning ‘Gate’. Later the program was expanded and split into other projects, but with the same goals in mind. The first of these secret experiments were carried out in May and June of 1944. The program was carried out in massive German “d.u.m.b.” (deep underground military base) weapons facility near the Der Riese mountains. Located near Wenceslaus uranium mine. There are still remnants of this facility standing to this day. One especially strange structure, which was known as the ‘fly trap’. It is a circular, reinforced concrete ring. Around 4 stories tall and 80 feet across. It is said the ‘bell’ sat inside of this structure, attached to it by chains or cables. There are two copper power cables, as thick as 8 inches, leading into the ring. Whatever object or ‘bell device’ was in this facility required an immense amount of electricity judging by this evidence.


Author Igor Witkowski professes this objects existence in his book “Prawda O Wunderwaffe”, in which he coins the object the “Nazi Bell”. Many academics say the object didnt exist, but they also denied the existence of a Nazi nuclear program, which we now know to have been quite advanced, possibly even as advanced as the U.S. Manhattan project, but lacking the budget.

The bell was said to have been around 15 feet tall. It had strange markings on its outter skin, possibly occult symbols-given the nazi SS fixation with the occult-which was a type of ceramic, possibly to sustain periods of intense heat. Inside of the bell there were two, counter rotating cylinders surrounding an inner core-which they rotated around. The cylinders were filled with a special type of ‘red-mercury’. The central core was filled with Xerum 525. The outter core of the bell was possibly filled with either liquid nitrogen or liquid oxygen. The Xerum 525 was discovered inside of captured documents by Russians. Physicist Frank Barnaby says the Xerum was a special blend of mercury, which contained thorium oxide, beryllium oxide and various other heavy isotopes. Then it is placed inside of a nuclear reactor for about 20 days, then it under went a process known as “salting”, basically showering the material with isotopes of halfnium and tantalum. The material created during this process is said to have been an excessively heavy and thick, cherry red liquid metal. This strange liquid metal seems to have been a type of radioactive fuel used by the bell. It was then chilled down to -320 degrees Fahrenheit by the liquid nitrogen, the effects were probably interesting. Possibly even a type of cold fusion.

The test chamber was specially prepared and was described as a type of ‘pool’. The surface of which was covered in ceramic type tiles. They were all washed thoroughly to deactivate radiation after testing with a type of pinkish liquid. The testing apparently created some very strange effects on people and plants. People working on the project suffered from sleep loss, problems balancing. A strange sensation of having bugs crawl all over their skin. Severe headaches, nose bleeds, strong taste of metal in their mouths. Which all seems to be evidence of radiation poisoning. Tissue disintegrated when exposed to the bell. Plants decomposed into a strange black, greasy type of goo. Strange crystal structures formed inside of blood or any liquid organic structures. Other liquids immediately stratified into magnetic lines when the object was running. The object put off a sound such as bees inside of a jar and a strange bluish plasma aura formed around it. Electromagnetic fields were so strong it caused electronic devices to malfunction and light bulbs to blow.


The Nazi SS scientists were meddling into many, many types of advanced science and physics projects. Many of the nazi scientists that participated in these projects were given immunity by the U.S. government after the war. They came to work for many government agencies of the U.S. Many even say that the Russian nuclear programs were based off of captured labs and scientists during the fall of Nazi Germany. This nazi bell, the ‘Die Glocke’, as it was called, could have just been one aspect of these black projects. Whatever was created in that secret lab in the mid-1940’s, im sure in some way, changed the world for better or worse. What could this strange device have been? Was it a method of enriching uranium for a nazi nuclear weapon? Was it an anti-gravity machine akin to a UFO? Did the U.S. capture this object and bring it to the U.S. and base our black projects off of its technology? We can only speculate at this point. But the human mind loves to imagine all of the possibilities of such mysteries, the same curiosity that lets us sit and wonder about underground labs deep inside of nazi germany, is the same curiosity that drove those scientists to push the limits of their own knowledge. In that small way, we are all human….


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