The 13,000 year old “Black Knight Satellite”

In 1899, Nikola Tesla had built a high voltage radio device in Colorado Springs and began intercepting radio signals periodically from an object orbiting Earth. Tesla ultimately concluded that the signals, or this strange object they came from, was clearly extraterrestrial. The story of the “black knight satellite” made its media debut in the 1940s when the ‘St.Louis Dispatch’ wrote about it in their paper. On may, 14, 1954, the San Francisco Examiner also wrote about the mysterious object. Time Magazine even joined in with its own hypothesis on what was orbiting our planet in march of 1960.


The most intriguing aspect of the object was that it was in polar orbit. Polar orbit is when an object orbits the earth not around the equator, but perpendicular, as in, it passes over the north and south poles in its orbit. Neither the U.S. or the Soviet Union possessed the technology to put an object into polar orbit until 1960. It is a very specialized orbit only used for observation and mapping satellites. It is also extremely difficult to get an object to orbit in this manner and would be nearly impossible for anything to accidentally fall into this orbit because it takes actual co-ordination to do this.


This unknown satellite caused a big stir in the beginning of the cold war. Both the U.S. and Soviet Union accused one anothet of spying. In 1957, Dr.Luis Corralos of the communication ministry in Venezuela photographed it while taking pictures of Sputnik II as it passed over Caracas. Both Russian and U.S. scientists in 1960 calculated the weight of the object to be over 10 tons. Which at the time, neither super power possessed the technology to put an object of that weight into orbit. Furthering the mystery of the object, but easing tension between the two cold war powers. On September the 3rd, 1960, the Grumman aircraft facility on long island, new york, took a photo of the object using its radar tracking super camera. Then again in 1960, the U.S. Navy’s Dark Fence radar system mapped the objects orbit in a polar direction.

Since the end of the cold war, the object has been captured on film multiple times by crew on board the I.S.S. and even in a picture taken of a full moon in 2015:


Some hypothesize this is a 13,000 year old alien observation satellite, designed to keep a close eye on mankind. A Scottish astronomer in the 1930s claimed to decode the radio signals being emitted by the object and said it contained a star constellation map near ‘Epsilon Bootes’ star constellation, which is near the big dipper. But no ones confirmed this. Some think its a broken down UFO that ran out of fuel after a visit to the Earth thousands of years ago.


What could this mysterious object be? Could it have been a space probe, designed to deliver biological material to earth? A alien seed spreader of some sort? Is it an extraterrestrial spy satellite, keeping a close eye on us humans until we obtain the ability to travel to distant star systems? Is it remnants of a WWII German V2 rocket? The first human object put into space? Is it just random space junk, accidentally put into orbit during mans first years of space exploration? With as much documentation that exists by military and civilian entities, this object certainly exists. Its still up there as you read this…watching, transmitting, still circling our globe. Whatever it is, it seems as though its going to be with us for awhile longer.


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