Unexplained Archaeology

In the summer of 1889 near the sleepy little village of Nampa, Idaho, a well was being drilled to supply water for the town. The drill cut through top soil, then a thick layer of lava, then multiple layers of clay and sand…and then, at nearly 320 feet below the surface, the drill brought up an almost impossible object. Mixed in with the dirt and clay being pushed up to the surface by the drill…a small little figurine. A tiny doll. But HOW? At that depth, it would have to of been over 2 million years old.


Composed half of quartz and half of clay, it is very much an unexplainable object as there has ever been discovered. It is not a widely known discovery due to the fact most have no way of explaining how it go to be at that depth. Was it a hoax? If so, what was to be gained? What were the motives? Can we just call anything not immediately explainable or understood a ‘hoax’ and go about our day? At one time dinosaue bones were thought to be elephant bones and tossed aside as a nuisance to farmers who plowed them up, should be mentally cast this discovery aside because we just think a poor well digger made it up for some unknown motive? Or should be seek to understand more about how this object came to be discovered where it was? Was it washed into some deep cavern by an anchient flood? Did humans exist 2 million years ago in some strange, pre-ice age world? The questions on strange things being found where they shouldnt exist are difficult to answer, but they must be asked. Such, is the odd planet we live on…


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