Could the cradle of all civilization have been ‘Atlantis’ and was it located under the present day black sea? 

There are many ancient tales and legends that humanity have passed down through the ages, but there are a few that really stick out as perennials. One is the story of the great flood. Every culture on earth has a version of the great deluge that wiped out most of mankind and scattered the nations. Another is Atlantis. Plato wrote about Atlantis in 360 B.C. and many speculate that the story came from Egyptian Saites. Another Mediterranean bordering civilization. Perhaps Atlantis’s location had been misconstrued by Plato. Perhaps the ‘pillars of Hercules’ was actually referring to another narrow straight in the mediterranean region, not Gibraltar, but a straight that cut through turkey and into the Black sea called “The Dardanells”. Were the Dardanells the straight Plato was referring to?

What if the flood of Noah and the story of Atlantis were legends told by many civilizations…about the same event? A different perspective of the same cataclysm and destruction of the first great human civilization that existed at the end of the last ice age. It is clear to understand that the term “great civilization” must be understood as not some futuristic society with electricity and modern medicine. But in contrast to the era it existed…the hunter gatherer period that existed at the end of the last ice age. There were no large settlements. There was no common language or currency. No libraries or common written language. But what if “Atlantis”, the idea of a civilization that was just that: civilized. Not some all knowing city. But just a large city of modernistic humans. They fished for a staple food supply. They had philosophy. Possibly a library with a written history….at a time when most of mankind were living in huts and caves, hunting with spears…even the idea of a common written language at that time was nearly unthinkable. But it may have existed. We may even know where…and how it was destroyed.

In the late 90s, researchers began investigating the floor of the black sea. What they found was amazing, and slightly mind bending. Hundreds of feet below the murky waters they saw signs of civilization. But HOW? Under that much water, and miles and miles from shore…in a sea…how were there signs of villages and well settled areas? It was because the black sea used to not be a sea at all. In fact, prior to 7,500 years ago, it was a fresh water lake. Much smaller than its present size.

As you can see, the entire basin was flooded when the mediterranean sea flooded in through the Dardenalls. Wiping out anything and anyone around the shoreline in an estimated 30 days. And to think of the ocean rising up, seemingly from no where, to suddenly engulf your entire civilization in just a week or two must have been completely traumatizing to a person of that time period. It must have actually looked like your city was sinking…

But it could have also inspired another wide spread legend. The flood. Imagine if ‘Atlantis’ was actually humankinds first craddle. Its first real experiment with a city-state. First real government. And it was completely destroyed…sunk beneath an angry ocean. It cast all survivors to the far flung corners of the earth: western europe, following the receding ice. South into the warmer, highland areas of greece and Macedonia and across the mediterranean into Egypt. East into the caucus mountains and into what would rise up as Persia and India.

Was the mythical ‘Atlantis’ just the first real site of human civilization? Where philosophy and reason was first nurtured? Which, by the time period, could have been humankinds greatest achievement up until that time period. It is an intriguing question and deserves more investigation and thought. Maybe Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Persia, Western Europe were all just offspring of their parent: Atlantis….


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