Bohemian Grove: for power or pleasure?

Every mid summer since June 29th, 1878, there has been a summer camp style outting held in the redwood forests of northern California. Not unusual in its own right, no doubt. But dig a bit deeper and you will see that this is no ordinary summer camp. With members of the likes of Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, David Rockefeller…its no wonder why people have such an interest in this two week camp. What could such a large group of billionaires, Kings, Captains of industry be talking about? What are they planning out in the remote woods of California? Are they simply just mingling, talking business, blowing off steam from their stressful positions of power….or is something more sinister going on? Is the future of world government being plotted and eeked out while drinking 100 yr old scotch and cuban cigars puffed on? Or are simple jokes about how unpleasant a man Richard Nixon was back in meetings of past…maybe much of both is true.


But what is to be said of the “cremation of care”? The burning of a giant Owl idol during an occult like ritual…how should that be interpreted by wondering eyes? How should common blue collar people perceive a group of billionaires and statesman dressed up in robes, burning idols in the forest? Isnt that how the death of many millions of poor or underprivileged people throughout history first began? Rich and powerful men colluding with one another and using some political ideology or religious belief to justify the deaths of millions?

No matter what the business or pleasure being tended to in the dark redwood forests of northern California, when being stared at from a distance, it seems as if bad things are being discussed. If nothing else, we know the members and the location of their two week frolic and its history. But we know one more thing: when rich and powerful men combine their allegiances, poor people are almost never the beneficiaries of the outcome.


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