The matrix embodied?



The tech billionaire and creator of Paypal and Space-X, Elon Musk, now has been working with developers to create neural implants that are surgically embedded into your brain. It would allow you to effortlessly transfer your thoughts, wants, needs to machines, other implanted humans, robotic limbs…the possibilities are seemingly endless….but, at what cost? What if an all seeing and all knowing A.I. mainframe could know your every thought? Your every emotion…your every want and need…would you like to live in a world where there are no secrets? All motives and agendas are at hand? No free will or political opinion isnt personal any longer at the mere thought of it…is this the actual beginning of the ‘Matrix’? Are humans destined to have their Brains plugged into a massive main-frame, existing only to be farmed for some other purpose while living in a dream world?

This technology could be the biggest blessing….or the largest curse ever bestowed upon mankind…only time will tell….


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