Impact structure found under ice in Antarctica

Looking back over Earths history, extinction events have happened several times. But there is one event that stands heads and shoulders above the rest. The Permian – Triassic extinction of 252 million years ago. It is known as “the great dying” to some scientists, with good reason. Nearly 96% of all marine life went extinct, along with 70% of all land vertebrates. It is also the only known extinction where insects died off in mass. Until recently, the cause of this mass dying of life on earth…in only 10,000 years time, has been a huge mystery. Theories of super viruses, volcanic eruptions, etc. Have been peddled. Then, researchers in Antarctica found something startling…a large ‘blip’ in earths magneticsphere under the ice sheet of the frozen wastes of our southern most continent. Its the type of anomaly that is usually discovered around large meteorite impact craters. But this one is the size of the state of Ohio. Truly massive in all respects…

The impact is so large in fact, its leading researchers to believe it may have led to the splitting up of the continents. Truly amazing. But not nearly as amazing as the thought of life, barely clinging on after such an intense blow being taken by our little blue planet.


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