Are chemtrails falsely creating global warming?


It is an all too common sight in our skies. Walk out on any clear day and look up and it is almost a guaranteed you will see the criss-crossed streaks across an otherwise beautiful sky. “High by-pass” jet engines are the official story. But is there more to it? Is there really a giant conspiracy among the government, private corporations and the major airlines to kill off the population? To rain poison from the stratosphere? Or is the motive entirely different? It is often said “follow the money” and you will arrive at the motive. Well, there is $5 trillion dollars worth of motive to immulate global warming. The U.N. desperately wants to implement a global carbon tax on all carbon dioxide emissions, an estimated  $5 trillion dollar market that could completely be based on falsely created global warming…


You see, if chemtrails were even just harmless water vapor, which IS the most potent green house gas by a mile, they could actually trap in solar radiation. Just think about that effect if multiplied over weeks and months and years. You could literally create hotter summers, warmer winters…and if targeted over certain areas of our oceans, even manipulate GLOBAL average temperature by warming the gulf stream and falsely warming the northern Atlantic ocean and the northern poler regions.

Whatever the motives, whatever their cause, there is no denying that something strange is going on in our skies. Something worth investigating deeper. Whether creating poisonous rain to pollute our farm fields with heavy metals or to trap solar radiation and falsely warm our atmosphere and oceans, this phenomenon seems to be around for good…


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